Fort Hunt Elementary Parkour Afterschool Grades 4-6

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Ft Hunt Elementary, 8832 Linton Ln, Fort Hunt, VA 22308, USA
Mar 28 2019
May 23 2019
Grade 4-6 Enrollment
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Class dates

03/28/2019, 04/04/2019, 04/11/2019, 04/18/2019, 04/25/2019, 05/02/2019, 05/09/2019, 05/16/2019, 05/23/2019


Cross off the food pellets and wood chips from your grocery list, because thanks to Urban Evolution, you can graduate your child from hamster to hall of famer. It's the perfect activity to grab the interest of kids who might not gravitate to team sports or whose idea of fitness is a PlayStation controller thumb workout… but it can be demanding enough for professional football players! It's a great way to help kids change their ideas about fitness while helping them build self-esteem and encouraging them to work hard. Here at Urban Evolution, we’ve come up a variety of ways to challenge kids and hone their skills in a safe and fun environment! Urban Evolution offers Parkour Daycamps during summer and many other classes as well. We bring discipline and conditioning together with creative obstacle courses to challenge your mental and physical abilities.


Participants must be entering grades 4 to 6.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 6

Maximum: 14

Registration period

Registration starts on 12/17/2018 and ends on 03/27/2019.


Ft Hunt Elementary, 8832 Linton Ln, Fort Hunt, VA 22308, USA
Program is frozen.